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Pvc foam celuka buy in Hải Dương  on Việt
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Pvc foam celuka buy in Hải Dương  on Việt
Mua Pvc foam celuka
Pvc foam celuka

Pvc foam celuka

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Việt Nam, Hải Dương
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PVC foam board is organic and inorganic combination of the preparation through the series of advanced technologies, the extrusion foam molding, a wood-plastic sheet, extrusions, bar. As the use of the raw materials and production processes do not use glue bonding, no formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, trichloroethylene, and other harmful substances. And has anti-UV, coloring good performance, heat insulation, noise, acid and alkali resistance, insulation, fire-retardant, anti-corrosion, anti-mildew and anti-pest, moisture resistance, sawing, planing, nails, a good machining performance, and 100% recovery, is a jewel instead of the traditional green timber new material. Compared to PVC free foam sheet, PVC crust foam board has the better advangtages on hardness, cleaning, strength and so on.

The information of Lam Cuong's PVC Foam:

  1. Origin: Hai Duong - Vietnam
  2. Brand Name: Piccolo (Already registered)
  3. Material: PVC
  4. Thickness: 5mm - 20mm
  5. Density: 0.5 - 0.7 g/cm3
  6. Size: 1220 - 2440 mm
  7. Packed with wooden boxes
  8. Delivery at the factory
  9. Time: 10 days
  10. Colour: White, red, orange, blue, green, black, gray

Main features of the PVC Foam:

  1. Light weight, waterproof, water bear, endure the fire.
  2. Low thermal conductivity, good insulation
  3. Against chemical corrosion, withstand weather.
  4. Durable, hard to withstand high impact.
  5. Suitable for printing
  6. Can be drilled, sawn, nailed and glued
  7. Can be carved, trim, cut and folded under the action of heat


Widely used for bus, rail, subway, boat, river and sea vessels, the convention center, supermarkets, interior decorating, office partitions, serving the printing industry, serving Project corrosive chemicals, cold storage, the specific projects to cold, isolation hospitals, laboratories, environmental protection, sports equipment, serving the coastal projects, moisture, Water-resistant materials, art materials ...

When apply to

wall, ceiling andfoot of the wallusingaccessories decorativealuminumto create a highlighted and high aesthetically. Savings cost, consistent every project.

advertising: print billboards, signs, advertising boards hanging exhibitions and the sea.

* In industrial wallboard, cabinets, and control room, the structures in other corrosive environments.

  1. Indoor and outdoor decorations, make partition, ski mask (covering the walls, cover doors, ...)
  2. Billboards, signs, exhibition boards, advertising billboards.
  3. Office furniture, kitchen, windows.
  4. Decorate the inside of ships, steam ships, buses, trains, subways.
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Pvc foam celuka
Pvc foam celuka
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